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The thing that makes South Park 19 One of the better Animated Shows in the news

As the Simpsons will be the measuring stick against which families oriented animated show is going to be measured there were hardly any shows which were capable of hold their own like Matt Stone’s and Trey Parker’s creation South Park within the recent years.

South Park 19 might be funny to anyone because its jokes are saved to a number of different topics and, because they make fun of everybody, you’re typically not offended should they make fun of something like. The downside for this tends to be that folks are not able to understand a selected joke and, sadly, get offended. Another very cool thing about the show is actually you have to pay awareness of the storyline from the episode, you’ll be able to more often than not study a great moral message from that (if you cannot, many of them spell it out for you towards the end with the “You see, I learned something today…” speech”), unlike Family Guy, where most jokes are unrelated for the plot line.

But, what makes South Park 19 especially good, is its cast of characters. South Park 19 has many fun characters such as Timmy, Jimmy, and (the best) Butters; nevertheless the main characters of the show are Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick. Cartman is fat, insensible and very discriminatory. He helps make fun of Kyle for being Jewish and it is constantly making rude remarks about everyone, while always getting offended himself as he is called a “fat ass.” Kenny is often there for comic relief. You’ll be able to only understand what he or she is saying from reactions of the other three boys as well as the context with the episode, anf the husband gets killed in nearly every episode inside the most random way. Stan and Kyle share the same role from the story. They are generally the cooler heads in the town and they are the only real ones who care when Kenny dies, expressing this by always saying “Oh my g-d, they killed Kenny! You Bastards!” (that i find hilarious). Also, they are the ones who always sum the episode in the final by telling the moral from the story.

However there are many of people which do not like South Park because it’s always making fun of religions, celebrities, government policy, etc… But, in my opinion, this is exactly what is so cool regarding it because the show makes fun of absolutely everyone and everything.

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